Help us Save Elephants in Africa!

Come run or walk around beautiful Central Park this fall or run/walk virtually in your own neighborhood to help save elephants!! Learn More
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for my Mitzvah Project I am running a 10k run for elephants in Africa. I’m doing this because I love animals, and the thought of them getting killed is painful, and I feel I have a responsibility to take care of animals. I have been training and am excited for the run in Central Park this Saturday! I’ll be donating some of the money I received for the barmitsvah to the Zambezi Elephant Fund, the organization that arranged the run, and I’d like to invite you if you wish to make a donation to it. 

Elephants across Africa are in danger. African savanna elephants, which grace the Zambezi Valley with their magnificence, have been reclassified from “vulnerable” to “endangered” in the IUCN's latest assessment. According to the report, the population of the African savanna elephant across the continent has decreased by at least 60% over the past 50 years.

Here’s a little bit about the Fund:

Located in Zambia, the Zambezi Elephant Fund’s mission is to

reduce poaching of elephants and to protect wildlife in the region.

“By bringing together the group’s diverse set of skills and

perspectives, we and our partners have developed highly effective

anti-poaching activities. Now, with everyone working together,

the poaching crisis can be contained, and a deeper social and

environmental crisis averted through our wider objectives, which

include habitat rehabilitation and programs that benefit

communities.” (James Egremont-Lee, Executive Director, Zambezi

Elephant Fund)



Daniel and Rochelle $36.00
Rabbi Burt
elephants are one of God's greatest creations. We have a responsibility to them.
Margot L Mezvinsky
This is a great cause and bar mitzvah project!
Nonna and Nonno
You are awesome Matan! We are so proud of you and of how you have chosen to help save the African elephants. Your love of animals is precious ❤️. Enjoy the run. xoxo Nonna and Nonno
So proud of you Matan!!!!
Ghiora Aharoni $180.00
Leven Family
Save the elephants Matan!!
Lillian and Billy Mauer
We're so proud of you and are happy to support you in this important cause. Much love, Lillian & Billy
Dear Matan, MAZAL TOV on you Bar Mitzvah! I am SO very proud to call you my cousin!! While I was so sad to miss being there in person I watched the whole thing on zoom and you did so beautifully! You are a tremendous person and I am so proud of you. Also, elephants!! What a blessing you are. I hope you have fun on your run! Super champ!! Love, Ari
Audrey Sasson
I'm bursting with pride for you, Matey. You're one of the bravest humans I know and your Bar Mitzvah was one of the most exquisite I've ever been honored to witness. AND - what an amazing, worthy, and important charity you're choosing to support (elephants are my favorites!)!! Goooo Matey! I love you and I'm very very proud.
Elijah was a runner, too!
Joelle Lazar
Thanks for your efforts to help these beautiful, precious creatures, Matan! Hugs, your Vancouver cousins Joelle, Johannes, Elias and Joshua
Kip Rathke $50.00

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