Help us protect zimbabwe's majestic elephants!

Come run or walk around beautiful Central Park this fall or run/walk virtually in your own neighborhood to help save elephants!! Learn More
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The Elephants of the Zambezi Valley and their habitat is under increasing threat. Mining, poaching, the Illegal Wildlife Trade, deforestation and human wildlife conflict are some of the conservation challenges that organisations such as Zambezi Elephant Fund and the Zambezi Network are working hard to mitigate. Please join me to help raise money to protect our beautiful giants of the Zambezi Valley, and ensure they have the habitat and space they need to thrive for generations to come. 

The Zambezi Valley Conservation Network represents and connects all the incredible organisations and unsung heroes who are dedicated to protecting the Zambezi Valley's biodiversity and precious wildlife. 

You can help by donating to my page and helping my team reach our goal, OR sign up for the virtual run walk as well as create your own team and fundraising page!:

For more information about the Zambezi Elephant Fund Visit:

For more information about the Zambezi Valley Conservation Network visit:

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