Protecting Co-Existence for Elephants & Zambezi Valley Locals--LET'S BLOW WAY PAST GOAL!

100% of net proceeds go directly to the Zambezi Elephant Fund Learn More
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I know, when a deer eats your garden, your knickers get in a twist.  But picture this: your only source of food for the year ahead is destroyed overnight by elephants, buffalos or even a troop of baboons. Or a loved one, injured by a crocodile or an elephant. With that in mind, the population of the African savanna elephant across the continent has decreased by at least 60% over the past 50 years.

Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) is not an easy subject from any viewpoint – it can mean loss of life and livelihoods, it rouses fear or anger, and sometimes wildlife is killed in defense or retaliation. Zambezi Elephant Fund works to build Community Resilience, where interactions with wildlife shift away from conflict to more beneficial actions, so that animal populations thrive, as well as the people who live alongside them.

100% of net proceeds from the Saving the Elephants 10k Run/Walk will go directly to the Zambezi Elephant Fund (ZEF) to secure a long-lasting future for elephants through programs like Resilient Communities, Frontline Protection, Science and Research, Conservation Efficiencies, and Young Conservation Leaders. 

This is the largest fundraising event for ZEF so please do donate whatever you can to help protect these magnificent, gentle animals--and peaceful co-existence for them.

Jeffrey Davis
Happy to help.
Louie Meader
Elephants have long trunks
Jennifer zsenak
Have Fun!
Charmaine Broad
March on! A hood cause… I’m with you in Spirit!
Enjoy the walk!
Good Luck with the run Mellie Mel! Where do I pick up my pet elephant?
Donald Stark $25.00
Melissa Klein $60.00
Debra Negrin $25.00
You Go Girl! You walk for those those beautiful pachyderms!
Happy walking!
DG $50.00
Patty Mocarski $40.00
Anne Wallman $25.00
Chuck Wood
Go get 'em gal!

October 22, 2022 12:26 PM

LET'S BLOW THE ROOF OFF!  My friends, YOU raised up to support the Zambezi Elephant Fund to the goal I set, now I hope to go even more over that dollar amount.  The organizers emailed me their appreciation and I want you to know, YOU deserve their deep gratitude, not me.  I just gotta walk the walk with "Team Tusker."  THANK YOU!!  xxoo Mel 

October 16, 2022 2:03 PM

You. Are Fabulous.  Your support of Zambezi Elephant Fund with donations (fine, don't walk with me then) is phenomenal and with 28 days to go I just my up my goal.  Stay tuned and much love--Mel

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