A week at camp can change a child's outlook on life, bringing them from hopeless to hopeful. From forgotten to celebrated. From lonely to loved. We're raising money to help change the lives of abused kids, aged 6-11, this summer.

Our goal is to each raise $500 to send a foster child to a week of camp, and provide them with year-round mentoring with a caring adult. We're all spending a week at camp this summer to provide hope for these abused and neglected kids. Thank you for coming along side us in prayer and financial support.

For more information on Royal Family KIDS, please visit www.royalfamilykids.org. 

Anthony Fossi
Jason and Brooke, I hope you have a great time at camp this year. I pray it goes well with your first camp with a therapy dog. Thank you for your encouragement and message each morning, it carries us through the week and have a lasting impact. Ezekiel 34 -----> Isaiah 53 -----> John 10. God bless you.
Steve and Jenn $100.00
Kali Dahmus $20.00
Beth Cieminis $200.00
Anonymous $100.00
RH/SA/IPC Camp 2015 $32,930.12
Lucy Rybarczyk $800.00
Marcy Finamore $0.00
Megan Woeppel $645.00
Chuck Waterman $1,000.24
Susie Paik $0.00
Audrey Crouse $2,500.00
Michelle Duran $279.62
Jim Farmer $2,405.00
Debbie Trammell $2,000.00
Ryan Vosbigian $1,000.00
Loni Bryant $372.00
Lauren Thompson $650.00
Jadie Converse $375.00
Lori Barney $555.00
Wayne and Ashley Young $720.00
Susan Wei $450.00
mark garman $300.00
Alyssa Geurin $615.01
Molli Patterson $530.00
Caroline Stratton $505.00
Kathryn Karkut $550.00
Gordon and LaRita Gee $719.00
Cadence Arzuman $500.00
Kelly Barnhart $50.00
Peter Prietto $1,410.00
Steve Holness $1,151.00
Lily Hollaway $150.00
Courtney Clark $1,553.00
jeremy hong $2,070.00
Kevin Hemans $360.00
Jennifer Walker $500.00
Scott N. Chan $845.00
June Chay $140.00
William Ramirez $90.00
Josh Buttrey $2,250.00
Donna Miramontes $0.00
Jacqueline Stavros $500.00
Claudia Alfaro $100.00
Phil/Shanley Armstrong $625.00
Seth Vanderploeg $50.00
Chris Long $750.00
Daniel Jun $900.00
Dianna Young $500.00
Denee Grauberger $125.00
Racine Pierro $225.00
Brooke Miller $440.00
Jackie Segarra $75.00
Denise Kozlowski $600.25

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