14th Annual Sounds of Silence 5k/10k Run/Walk

Breaking the Silence for Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression/Anxiety Awareness Learn More
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This is my 3rd year running with SOS. Most of you know my story but for those that don’t I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Prenatal and Postpartum Depression with my first child. I was depressed, angry, suicidal, and just overall not okay. I didn’t think it could get better. I thought everything would be better if I no longer was around. I felt like a burden and worst of all I felt like a bad mom. After reaching out to PRCNY I was able to find the help I needed to get better. I went on medicine, I went to therapy and found an excellent group of mothers that all knew what I was going through. Once I felt I was healing I made it my mission to not be silent about this. The hardest part of everything I just mentioned was the lack of knowledge or access to help from professionals. So while I felt like I was drowning I had to also build my own raft. And once I gathered the proper names and numbers of people who could help I gave it to any mother who seemed like they could need it. I talk about it because no one talked about it with me. And once I started talking and sharing my story I was AMAZED at how many other mothers reached out and said they felt the same way. By running with me and/or raising money, you’ll know that it goes directly to PRCNY and they saved my life. Now it’s time we help other families who are dealing with a similar situation. I’m happy to say with my 2nd child I was prepared for the worst but I had all the correct tools in place and a great village that I built and did not have the same experience. I was finally able to enjoy motherhood and I was able to give my partner a joyous experience of being a father. There was no more scary moments and I credit that to all the things I learned while taking care of myself the first time around. Thank you for donating and know that it means so much to me, my family, and all the other families who utilize PRCNY.

This is our story and why we need your help.

My sister Lisa Mary suffered from pregnancy and postpartum depression during and after the birth of my niece. During her struggle with this illness, I saw first hand the deep emotional pain and suffering that postpartum depression causes moms and their loved ones. I also witnessed the terrible stigma this illness brings upon moms and the suffering in silence they feel forced to endure.

It was an experience that I didn’t want other moms, dads and families to go through.

So, I decided that I would make a pact – a pact with my sister and my niece too – a promise to break the silence of postpartum depression, celebrate our courageous mothers and fathers, and build sounds of hope for all those families who may be suffering.

That’s how the  Sounds of Silence, Friends of the Postpartum Resource Center of New York was born.

The Sounds of Silence 5K/10K Run/Walk in Memory and Celebration of Lisa Mary Reilly is an annual event now in its thirteenth year. The goal of this event is to raise awareness for pregnancy and postpartum depression/anxiety and to raise funds for the essential programs and services of the Postpartum Resource Center of New York.

A special focus of this event is supporting the Lisa Mary Reilly Visioning Educational Series, which is part of Project 62™ – Building and Strengthening Perinatal Mental Wellness Parent Support Networks and Safety Nets in all sixty-two New York State counties.

Now you can be part of this important cause.

Join us in helping to raise funds for the 14th Annual Sounds of Silence Run event. Become a fundraiser in an event that benefits the moms, dads, and families in your community.

Awards for Top Fundraiser and Top Team Fundraiser!

The Sounds of Silence, Friends of the Postpartum Resource Center of New York is a fundraising committee of the PRCNY. All proceeds contributed support the essential programs and services of the Postpartum Resource Center of New York, Inc., a 501(c)(3) IRS recognized non-profit organization. Tax ID# 11-3449880.

Any payment by check should be made payable to: Postpartum Resource Center of New York.

Sincerely yours,

Erin Mascaro

Event Co-Chairperson/Race Director

Kristin Finneran $20.00
Nora Batten
Sean Gannon $50.00
Proud of you and the strides you have made not only for yourself but for other moms out there. Love you
Donna Lebovich
I love you!! Your girls are so lucky to have you, and so are we!
Jill Geraghty
Leenie Valencia
Good luck Nikki you got this!
Lori Maxfield
Your passion and support for the mission of helping those with postpartum is admirable. Sadly you know first hand. Covid-19 has added to anxiety and depression in our world now
Lisa Fleischmann
Thank you for sharing your story and supporting a worthy cause!
Brian and Liz Campbell $100.00
Jessica Ernst $25.00
Marissa Moss
Go you!!
Jackie Coyle
So proud of you ❤️
So proud of you doing this again!!
Ally Randall $25.00
The Hyndman Fam
Every child needs their mom. So happy that with help, you found your way
Aunt Kris
Run Lula run❤️
Dd $50.00
Jordann Reilly
Megan & Dave
You are an amazing mama! Spreading awareness for such an important cause is so inspiring ❤️
You are strong and beautiful! Love you ❤️

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