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This page was created in support of Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary - Click here to join this cause


This Holiday Season, Let's "Conserve, Not Consume!"

There is only one place in the world where you will find orangutans in the wild -- and that is Indonesia, on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Sumatran rainforests (orangutan and primate habitat) are being bulldozed at an alarming rate for palm oil plantations and agriculture, threatening wild populations of Sumatran orangutan and other endangered species such as Sumatran tiger and rhino. And the Sumatra Wildlife Sanctuary fundraiser is an initiative to conserve the lands adjacent to the Gunung Leuser ecosystem so that animals (orangutan, elephants, rhino, and thousands of other species) may migrate to and from safely. 


So much of my life revolves around travel. I make my living planning trips for students, which keeps me on the go via planes, trains, and automobiles. And when I'm not travelling for work, I'm putting the paycheques I've earned during all that time on the road towards travel of my very own.

My passion for travel (and more specifically for forests and allllllll things green), all started with my desperate search to find some direction. When I was 20, my life got a bit stormy, and I needed to take myself out of my comfort zone for a while to gain some perspective. So I packed my pack and set out to work in the small village of Garabito in Costa Rica, nestled in the rainforest. During my time there, I helped build a school for the community, waking up every day before the sun rose, mixing cement, paying bricks, sawing wood, etc. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done and I could not be more thankful for the experience.

It is here that I fell in love with the rainforest. On my lunch breaks, I'd hike to the nearby waterfall, sit and eat my plantains and beans, and admire the beauty of this place. Not just a forest, but a haven, a sanctuary for all of its inhabitants.

I have since been lucky enough to travel to many countries, but I don't just want to travel to SEE the difference, I want to travel to MAKE a difference.

My hectic work schedule just isn't conducive to me packing up, flying out somewhere, and dedicating my time to conservation projects, as much as I wish to. And when my dear friend Nate passed away, I started to feel that storm coming in again. I lost my way for a little while, my world left spinning, longing for something to focus my energy on, something I knew he would be proud of me for. So when I was approached with this opportunity to help raise money to purchase land where we can create sanctuary for wildlife in Sumatra Indonesia, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Let's build these animals a home they can thrive and live freely in. Giving these animals a safe place to live is the greatest gift we could give not only to this planet, but to ourselves. THIS is my passion project, an initiative I am incredibly proud of and indescribably grateful for. #CONSERVEDONTCONSUME


Individual Donation Incentives (amount of land conserved by your donation):

$50 & under (156.25 m²) 

Receive a personal thank you card from us.

$100 (312.5 m²) 

We will send you a personalized print with a beautiful original image by PWB Photographer Gita Defoe or Kristi Odom.

$250 (625 m²) 

Plant a tree in your name in or near the sanctuary land.

$500 (1250 m²) 

Receive a beautiful printed book of original images by PWB Photographer Gita Defoe or Kristi Odom.

$750 (2500 m²) 

Receive a beautiful printed book of original images by PWB Photographer Gita Defoe or Kristi Odom AND plant a tree in your name in or near the sanctuary land.

Team/Large Donation Incentives:

$5,000 (10,000 m²=equivalent of 1 football field) 

Become an "Ambassador of the Sanctuary" and you are welcomed to be a featured guest for a week (airfare not included) at the sanctuary once it is complete. You also become the owner of one virtual hectare (equivalent of 1 football field) of rainforest land.

$10,000 (20,000 m²=equivalent of 2 football fields) 

Become a "Founder of the Sanctuary" and you are welcomed to be a featured guest for a week (airfare included) at the sanctuary once it is complete. You also become the owner of 2 virtual hectares (equivalent of 2 football fields) of rainforest land.

***For donations of $1,000 or more, your name/organization name (if provided) will be added to a plaque that will be displayed publicly at the sanctuary.***

The goal of this fundraiser:

We will raise $100,000 USD to purchase around 30-40 hectares/ 3-400,000 m²(equivalent of 30-40 football fields) of rainforest land that will be conserved as a sanctuary for wildlife and natural resources.

More about us:

Andrew Bowden $100.00
Andrew Kim $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Chris Studer
I'm proud of Amanda, Danielle and the whole team. My donation is going towards an important, sustainable initiative that is going to help the animals it touches, and by extension, our planet. I'm looking forwards to seeing them progress towards their goal.
Tasha D.
Just a little something for now! But will definitely help more in the new year. So proud of you and the amazing things you are doing in the world! Xo
Andrew Hercus
This is incredible!!! Keep me in the loop! If you ever want to hire an international guide let me know! :D Congratulations!
This is a Merry Christmas gesture to the hosts/friends of ours that we will be seeing over the holidays.
Trevor J Robinson
Colin Gomes $50.00
Ashley Hassard
Best of luck Bonita! You're doing great :)
Gabbie E.
Amanda, congratulations on this project, you are an amazing human being, and bring sunshine to everyone around you. Keep up the good work!!! <3
Ruth Lockwood
Thank you for making a difference!!!
Katherine Diniz
Keep it going girl! You'll be at your goal and more in no time. The world needs more people like you my fellow my Porkchop!! Bejinhos e abracos xo
Anonymous $50.00
Good Luck with your endeavours for your special project. xo Greg and Robin
Well done Amanda! So proud of you and the work you are doing.
Proud of you <3
A supportive friend
You go girl! Save those monkeys!
Andrew Mallon
All the best AMQ!
Emily $50.00
Syd $40.00
Keep up the great work!!!
Remi Jr. $50.00
Kevin Kim $50.00
Michelle Gregson $50.00
You may feel like you lost Nate, but you haven't. He's right here with you, pushing you to do amazing things like this.

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