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COVID-19 Consequences Threaten Viability of Program for Homeless Women and Children

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Everyone in the world has feelings of being overwhelmed and worried about the future right now. Those of us blessed with homes and jobs feel that way, AND we can still have the grace to help those who do not have homes and jobs. Please join me in supporting single moms and their children at this critical time by donating to St. Johns Program for Real Change.

Someday your grandchildren will ask, "what did you do during the crisis?" just like we used to ask our grandparents "what did you do during the war?" What will you want to say?

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for considering joining me in this cause.

Marilyn & John McEntyre
Such a good group to support. I'm glad and proud you're so faithful to them. xo
Paul Robinson and Terri Cook
Keep up your good work and thank you for your efforts to help the less fortunate.
Beth & Ed Schatz
Thank you for doing this, Mary! I hope to also have this matched by Bank of America. Wishing you and your family the very best during this strange and difficult time!
Thanks for your inspirational message!
Becky Johnson
Thanks for doing this, Mary!
Amy Wister
Hi Mary Great idea! Hope you are staying safe! Susan
Thomas J Rotelli
David & Leslie Swartz $100.00
Dana Davis $200.00
What a great idea, Mary. Thanks for your inspiration! Love, Aunt Wen
Brian Cutting
Thank you for prompting the village to action!
Fred and Nancy Teichert
Thanks for lighting a candle!
Thanks for organizing this, Mary! So grateful for you and your guys and all you do. xoxo Mom and John
Mary - Wonderful idea! Thanks, Kim
Dawn Harrigan
Nice work Mary. It's tough to pull ourselves out of the uncertainty and doubt that is resonating in so many of us right now. Thank you for putting your energy & efforts towards something that will make a difference in people's lives.
John and Gen Finegan
Thanks for getting your butt off the couch Mary ; ) Saint John's is a super impactful org!!
Mary Teichert $100.00

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