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COVID-19 Consequences Threaten Viability of Program for Homeless Women and Children

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Hi Friends and Family, 

This recent Mother’s Day found me, as always, reflecting on my wonderful mama and her legacy of love and compassion. She is the reason that I joined the board of Saint John’s Program for Real Change last year. Those of you who know my mother’s story know that she was briefly homeless in her late teens, and that this experience led to her lifelong commitment to helping end homelessness. She volunteered, donated...even had homeless families live in her home. My mama understood the incalculable value of a safe, stable home for everyone, especially children. 

Chet and I have been involved with Saint John’s for a decade (he chaired the board for 8 years). One of our first donations was to support a room for a family in my mother’s honor. We chose the Serengeti theme in honor of her love of African safaris. I know she is thrilled to look down and see the many lives that have been transformed while living in “her” room over the years. As a former teacher, I know she also loves seeing all of the academic support, enrichment and emotional support the children living at Saint John’s receive.

Now, Saint John’s is threatened by COVID-19. Major income comes from the restaurant and catering businesses that teach the women job skills; these businesses have had to close or severely scale back. Our monthly chef dinner fundraisers have halted, and we have had to delay at least one of our two annual large fundraisers. Without support from donors, we run the real risk of having to close the program later in the year. That would plunge nearly 250 women and children back into instability and homelessness. 

I have been so grateful for my warm, spacious, comfortable home over the past two months of shelter-in-place, and I know all of you have been as well. Please join me in helping ensure that the women and children of Saint John’s continue to have their warm, supportive and empowering home as well. 

Bill & Sherry Hubartt
We are elated to learn about this organization and happy to make a donation in honor of your dear mother that we loved so much.
Tracy & Symia Stigler
Happy to honor your Mom and support St. John’s.
Tina Roberts
Thank you for serving. God bless you.
My pleasure
Donation for St. John's Program Change
Cheers in Honor of your Mama! I wish I could do more.
Kelvin Pye $50.00
Gwen Williams
Hey Cous, Hope this helps towards your fundraising goal. Love You
Sheila Arcelona
In joyful memory of Miss Pat, from the Arcelona family with love and respect.
Mr. & Mrs. Walker $100.00
Danielle Guard
You make me want to be a better person. Thank you for being a force of good and love in the world, and particularly in my world.
Les & Katrina Simmons $100.00
Happy to contribute to a good cause!
Linda D Stokes
Pray your fundraiser is successful.
Stephen and Rachel Genus $50.00

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