Swim With A Mission 2019

This is our 3rd Annual Swim Event to raise money for Veterans by supporting a swimmer or volunteer. Learn More
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Newfound lake has been my home since I was a kid. And it was parents vacation spot long before I was born. I participated in the inaugural Swim with a Mission on Newfound Lake three years ago and had planned on swimming last years event, but instead ended up having a baby girl on June 30th. My father was my kayak support the first time around. He volunteered the second I told him about the swim. He was my biggest supporter through my training, and he was my biggest fan out there in the water on the day of the race. We lost my father this September, and this time around it was my sister who volunteered the second I told her I wanted to do it again. And I know she will be just as great a supporter. This is a truly special challenge and event that is dear to my heart. Thanks for reading, and if you feel like supporting me in raising funds for the Navy Seals, double thanks.

James Keough
Good luck!!
Mark O'Connor
You go!
Aunt Debbie
Love you Jennifer! You are an inspiration!!!
Nancy OConnor $100.00
Olivia $50.00
Paul & Barbara $25.00
Kristin O
Vicky Knapp
Messer Family
Proud of you!
Emily Donnelly $20.00
Erick $50.00
Olivia Rudkevich $50.00

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