Swim With A Mission 2019

Come alongside Team365 to raise funds for Veterans by supporting our 10k swim relay team Learn More
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Hi Friends and Family, Team 365 is partnering with Swimming With A Mission, Inc to raise money for Swim With A Mission 2019.

Kevin Washington (USMC)

Returning for my 2nd year, it's an honor and pleasure to swim this year in the 10k Relay to help support Veteran's Organizations.

Tony Washington (USAF)  &

Julie Mcphilomy

Tony and I are very excited to swim for a great cause. We both come from families where our fathers served in the military (Air Force and the Navy) and Tony is a graduate of the USAF academy and served his country flying airplanes overseas and stateside for many years. Great event for a great cause.

Josh Hamann

It's important to me to raise money for veterans because: They signed on the dotted line and made a commitment to serve this great country,no matter what the cost.Some paid the ultimate cost ...... and for them i will live the best life i possibly can!!!! Thank you

Jon Bozek

Raising money for any Veteran organization has been an important part of my adult life. The Men and Women that serve us are in most cases so humble and would never ask for help. Veteran organizations make it possible for these brave people to get a hand up when needed most. Veterans are the backbone of a grateful Nation and many of them need your help. Please consider donating to Swim with a Mission. I will be swimming with Team 365 this year and I couldn’t be more excited to get involved!

Jamie Plichta $25.00
Anonymous $100.00
Dwelley Family
Good luck Jon!
Vet IT $500.00
Peggy Ofria $25.00
Patty Stevens
Saw lots of post from Josh Hamann!!
Great friend and #getoffthecouch365 member! Thanks Bill $100.00
David Hartranft
Be relentless... Go forward: And WIN.
Richard and Janet McPhilomy $100.00
Larry Gowen $50.00
Chris and Sue Montigny
Keep up the good work! Keep sending the message! The reason we live our lives the way we want is because of those who sacrificed for us!
Jen $200.00
Kim Houghtaling
Best of luck and I psyched that you are doing this a second year!
Gail Dalton
Check Received
Ann Jones
Way to go Josh
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Eastern Bank and Eastern Insurance Group For Team 365
Dan $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
Bernie & Cindy Hamann $100.00
John and Becky Plichta $100.00
Judith Vadney
Good Luck
Erin Klein $15.00
TraceyW $25.00
Pat Cagle
Been meaning to donate but kept forgetting
The Goodmans
Go team 365!
Monument Construction, LLC.
Good Luck Men
Kim Darre
Good luck Julie, Tony and Kevin!!
Shaun and Erika Vacher
Good Luck!
the Spencer famiky
Josh Hamann
Lead by Example
Gutierrez Fam.
Heartfelt contribution to a great cause
Nicole Roma
Thank you for the help with my garbage disposal again!
Misty Goodman
Love you Bro! Keep up the great work!
Anonymous $20.00
Katy Imbrogno
So thankful for your service and sacrifice.
Travis L
No Guts, No Glory!
Marc Candelaria
I am greatful for all branches of the military. Be blessed men and women
Angie Papa $20.00
Jed Greeke $20.00
Michelle Drehobl $20.00
Get er done
Matt Gerlitz $20.00
Derek Peters $25.00

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