Swim With A Mission 2019

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Although my father was not a Navy SEAL (he couldn't swim a stroke!) he did serve in the Navy for 4 yrs, 2 months and 3 days, enlisting after Pearl Harbor was bombed and passing up a football scholarship. I am participating in this event to honor him (he made sure we all learned to swim despite my objections!) and support programs for veterans. 

The 3rd Annual Swim With A Mission is an Open Water Swim across Newfound Lake in Bristol, NH that raises money to help Veterans. Newfound Lake is the cleanest lake in the Northeast of the U.S. and a perfect spot for a swim. I will be a part of a 10K relay team.

For more information about Swim With A Mission visit us at www.swimwithamission.org

Ann and Ray
Way to go Pat - you're amazing!
Edward A. Funk, Jr.
After a year waiting, I hope that you do well in this pursuit. Good Luck.
Margaret Kamin
So proud of you! Mom and Dad are too❤️

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