2017 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

Helping families of fallen Police Officers during their most difficult time. Learn More
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Hi family and friends, 

As a widow of a CT State Trooper who was killed in the line of duty, I know what it's like to feel like you've lost everything.  There are so many aspects of your life that need attention, navigating through them is daunting to say the least.  And the financial hardships can be devastating.

I've decided to participate in the Tour de Force Memorial Bike Ride - Cycling for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This charitable bicycle ride starts in Boston and ends in New York City; a whopping 275 miles!  This is a chance I have to pay it forward, to give back.  So many people have been there for me, it's my turn to be there for others.  

Would you please help me?

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate by hitting “Give Now”.  Also, please consider forwarding this to others.

You can use any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. I appreciate it so very much.

Thank you for joining me!  

Michael Weinkoff $100.00
Carrie Shaw
Good luck Carol.....We're with you all the way!
Jonas Searle
Carol, It is with Honor & Pride that Larry and I (Josh) make this donation for you to ride in such a good cause. "You Go Lady"
Charlene Clifford
You are an amazing woman! ❤️ Charlene
Dan Jewiss
Safe riding Carol...
Ted & Katrina Opdenbrouw $50.00
Nancy Baranowski-Smith
Strong thoughts and prayers for a safe run Carol
Chris Andrulat $20.00
Caroline Obar $25.00
CT Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation $50.00
Waterford Police Benevolent Association
Waterford, CT
Louise J Wright
Thanks for riding!!! You are AWESOME!!!!
John Szamocki
Good luck Carol. Thanks for everything you do.
You go girl...so proud of you!!!
Good luck on your ride.
Ed Nadriczny $50.00
Lisa & Brian Barao $50.00
Andrew S. Weaver - New Britain PD / Hartford PD (Retired)
Carol, I wish you the best of luck on your ride. You and your family are always in our thoughts. Be Safe and see you soon. Andrew Weaver
Peter Tanaka $20.00
Vincent Diana $100.00
Bob & Beverly Tilden
GO Carol!!
Susan Mingione
Carol, I will be thinking of you. Safe ride when the time comes. Love, Susan
William F. Schaeffer, Jr.
Branford, CT
Bill and Trish $20.00
Robert and Rhonda Bagshaw
You'll do great.
Eric & Karen Zbierski
Salem, CT
Richard & Lisa Hamilton
South Windsor, CT
Lisa Lester $100.00
Timothy F Barry
Carol, All of Connecticut Troopers past and present appreciate your efforts! Tim
Claudette Kosinski
Ride Safe!!
Susan Kumro
You can do it!!
Dan Sivori
I always remember your strength and speak of it often. Wishing you a successful ride, my thoughts of strength and continual support for you are always there. Dan Sivori, CSP 106th, retired.
Mary Mumford $100.00
DJ Thompson $25.00
Bob Salisbury $25.00
william rooney
good luck carol
Michelle & Keri
Good luck!
Heidi Roberto $25.00
Fran & Sue $50.00
Steve & Tracy DeBruyn $50.00
J. Longo
Go Carol !
Samuel F Izzarelli Jr
Your my hero! Bring bandades. Sam
Tom Martin
Carol, Take in the energy on the day of the ride. It is an incredible sense of accomplishment after months of hard training. We will try and join you for a section as you pass down the coastline. Tom
Robert E Post
Hi Carol, Anything I can do to help ! .. Prayers to those Families of fallen officers... - Bob
Good luck. I will share on social media!
Martha Vivian
Honored to support you, my friend!
Ian Hawes
Good luck Carol
Douglas Curry
Thank you for letting me know about this very worthy cause Carol. Good luck.
Jackie Maltzan
You go, Carol!
Jennifer Soucy $20.00
Kathy Williams
Good luck, Carol. You will do well.
Here's to all
Here's a little to help out
Christine Lemon
Good luck and thank you
Joel Mrosek
Good job!
Lauren Bagshaw
With love!

March 9, 2017 3:24 AM

Thank you all for your wonderful generosity and kind words, advice and encouragement.  You're all my heroes!  I neglected to mention, for you taxes, that this bike ride is a nonprofit charity # 501(c)3 from the IRS. 

Club East Colfax $35,088.50
Jen Lougee $625.00
Scott Erricson $1,344.87
Lee Couture $565.00
Joseph mooney $1,424.87
Joe Funaro $1,199.87
Danna Horgan $500.00
Andrew Walker $475.00
Rick Blinderman $619.00
Kevin Burrell $830.00
Gregg Swanson $9,374.78
Dave Krieger $0.00
Laura Taglianetti $1,125.00
Tim Bentley $1,667.37
Andre Parker $470.00
Megan Sylvestre $1,099.87
Norman Malbaurn $720.00
Stephen Bellos $1,901.87
Anthony Jessuck $670.00
Donald Balint $480.00
Carol Bagshaw $3,165.00
Edward Baldwin $400.00
Narciss Greene $971.00
Troy Gelinas $1,960.00
L. J. Fusaro $715.00
Jill Ruggiero $1,160.00
Pasquale Folino $1,000.00
Robin Golden $625.00

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