2017 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

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Hey y'all,

I have been asked by a friend to join him on the Tour de Force 9/11 Memorial Ride. As crazy as it may sound, considering I am not a cyclist, I have decided to do it..yup, to ride in the 270 mile (yes, that is two hundred and seventy mile) bike ride.The reason is simple…the ride is in honor of the ultimate sacrifices made by the police officers who lost their lives on 9/11.

The Tour de Force 9/11 Memorial Ride is a four day event in which we, a couple hundred police officers, continue to remember our brothers and sisters that died that fateful day. In their honor, we have made it our mission to raise funds for families of police officers killed in the line of duty each year throughout the country.

The ride will begin in Boston and end four days later at Ground Zero, NYC on

September 11, 2017. I would very much appreciate your support of my goal and donation to these families.

You can donate now with a credit card by hitting “Give Now”.

Thank you for joining me and wish me luck!

You're amazing. I'm on Team Jill
foti koskinas $25.00
maryann gabriel
Go Jilly!!!!
Annette $50.00
Sean kelley
Westport, CT
Tony Falbo $100.00
Taylor Carelli $10.00
Westport Police Benevolent Association
Westport, CT
Janice Hagan
Go Jill go!
Anonymous $125.00
Judy Mocciola
you go pill!!!
Leaq P Williams
Good Luck, Jill.
Sarah V Bianchi
This is fantastic. Great job Jill. I'll be with you in spirit!
What a wonderful event for a great cause! Boston to NY - WOW! Good luck - see ya soon!
Jeannette Pascarelli
Good luck! With love and pride, Mom
Linda Decker
You rock! Good luck on the ride!
Club East Colfax $34,688.50
Jen Lougee $625.00
Scott Erricson $1,344.87
Lee Couture $565.00
Joseph mooney $1,424.87
Joe Funaro $1,199.87
Danna Horgan $500.00
Andrew Walker $475.00
Rick Blinderman $619.00
Kevin Burrell $830.00
Gregg Swanson $9,124.78
Dave Krieger $0.00
Laura Taglianetti $1,125.00
Tim Bentley $1,667.37
Andre Parker $470.00
Megan Sylvestre $1,099.87
Norman Malbaurn $720.00
Stephen Bellos $1,901.87
Anthony Jessuck $670.00
Donald Balint $480.00
Carol Bagshaw $3,165.00
Edward Baldwin $400.00
Narciss Greene $971.00
Troy Gelinas $1,960.00
L. J. Fusaro $665.00
Jill Ruggiero $1,060.00
Pasquale Folino $1,000.00
Robin Golden $625.00

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