2017 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

Boston to NYC to raise funds for those left behind Learn More

Hi everyone, I'm again participating in Tour de Force Bike Ride this year, Cycling for the families of Law Enforcement Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice! Last years ride took us from Washington D.C to NYC. It was truly a great experience especially knowing our efforts have directly impacted and helped these families! This years ride will take us on a 4 day trek from Boston to NYC. If you can help me reach my goal it would be greatly appreciated! You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. Again, Thank you for your continued support towards this great cause!

Thank you for joining me!

Pete Cuticelli
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!
The Michaud's
Good luck Joe!
Auntie and Uncle Bunky
Have a great ride--so proud of your service! xxx
Westbrook Ambulance $250.00
Deb Mac
Good Luck My Friend....Stay Healthy and Safe
Brian T. Donnelly
Good Luck Joe. Thank you!
Tristan Kiekel $20.00
Tony Maresca $25.00
The Zainc's
Go Joe!!!
Steve woznyk $57.00
Mallory & Bill Hannaford $50.00
JE Winery Fundraiser $226.16
Giddings $25.00
Dan Sent $50.00
Elizabeth Williams $20.00
Denise W.
Thank you for honoring the officers and their families. Denise
Good luck.....
The Small's
Thank you, Joe!
McDermott Family
Good luck Joe
Go Joe! Great cause. Now more than ever!
Ron and Jadeane Grant $50.00
The Grillo Family
Good luck Joe!
Grace Schenkle $25.00
Kentucky Derby Party $444.87
Judith A Krebs
Good luck Joe
Regina Birdsell
Keep up the great work!
Barbara Podlisny $100.00
Geraldine Rienzi
Wishing you a safe and enjoyable ride Gerri & Bill Rienzi
Love, Mom xx/oo
Your journey continues...good for you!
Dominic Perrelli
Good luck
"Joe's Sister"
Luv ya!
Club East Colfax $88,321.46
Jen Lougee $1,256.16
Scott Erricson $5,051.03
Lee Couture $2,883.16
Joseph mooney $2,700.03
Joe Funaro $3,118.03
Andrew Walker $3,166.16
Rick Blinderman $1,465.16
Kevin Burrell $2,475.00
Dave Krieger $1,445.00
Laura Taglianetti $2,526.16
Andre Parker $1,606.16
Megan Sylvestre $2,116.03
Norman Malbaurn $720.00
Stephen Bellos $3,723.03
Anthony Jessuck $1,500.16
Carol Bagshaw $13,035.40
Edward Baldwin $1,931.16
Narciss Greene $1,682.16
Troy Gelinas $2,286.16
L. J. Fusaro $3,366.16
Jill Ruggiero $2,795.00
Pasquale Folino $3,704.50
Robin Golden $1,725.00

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