2017 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

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Hello Friends, Family and Fellow Police Officers.  I am partnering with the Tour de Force Bike Ride - cycling for those officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice - and I am raising money to participate in the 2017 Tour de Force Memorial Ride. 

My story is this: I am a second generation police officer (and second generation Police Chief for that matter!).   In 2015 I became the Chief of Police for the Town of Groton, Connecticut Police Department after having spent over 21 years with the Connecticut State Police. 

I have seen the great work of so many in this profession, however, the real story is the everyday sacrifices and stressors that impact our officers.  My goal for this ride is to help bring attention to officer wellness, something that is more important now than ever before as we strive to help officers and their families.  

Like many others, I have been witness to tremendous sacrifices of brother and sister officers, including seeing officers assaulted, shot and even die in the line of duty.   This past year was among the most challenging in recent memory as we saw assaults increase and line of duty deaths of officers rise by over 10%.   Those heroes need to be remembered, all against the backdrop of what created this ride: the 71 officers killed on 9/11 and the dozens more who have passed away since then as the direct result of illnesses contracted at Ground Zero.   

Over the course of four days in September, the Tour de Force will begin in Boston, cycle through New England, across Long Island and into New York City.   This ride will honor and commemorate the ultimate sacrifices of police officers and preserve the memory of those lost on 9/11.

I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal.  Please consider donating by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.  You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds.  

Thank you for joining with me to support this cause!

Chief L. J. Fusaro

Groton Town Police Department

The TDF continues to remember our brothers and sisters that died that fateful day. In their honor, we have made it our mission to raise funds for families of Police Officers, killed in the line of duty, nationwide.

From the website:  The “Tour de Force” was started in 2002 after Det. Robert De Paolis of the NYPD (since retired) decided to ride his bike to honor the fallen police officers that gave their lives in the September 11, 2001 attacks. He was then joined by 7 other members of the NYPD and one member of the Bronx District Attorney's Office and along with four volunteer support personnel, they cycled their way from the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, to Ground Zero, NYC. In 2003, the Tour de Force was incorporated in the state of New York as a nonprofit charity and later gained 501(c)3 status from the IRS.

Chris Ferace
Great job LJ, truly a worthy cause
Steve Sinagra
Good luck on the ride! Happy to help such a worthy cause!!
Mike Buscetto, III $200.00
Andy Stoddard
Good luck!
Abbie and Morgan Flaherty
Best of luck over the next few days LJ!
Chief Darren Stewart
Best of luck on the ride--be safe and thank you!
Chief Louis J. Fusaro, Jr.
My prayers and support for this great effort and the excellent example that you give your family, your law enforcement family, and all of us who so admire and respect you and all law enforcement officers. God bless you and keep you and all participants safe. Monsignor Brown
Ed Yazbak - Yazbak & Co., Ltd
Good luck & Thank -you !!
Joseph Little $25.00
Way to go Chief! Be safe on your ride in supporting a great cause.
peggy roberts
Good luck on the ride! Wave as you go by!
Good luck and enjoy the ride!
Barbara N. Conte
Groton, CT
Christopher Holloway
Old Lyme, CT
GOOD LUCK LJ Share pictures ! Susette
Donation from your friends at Axon.
Anonymous $100.00
Melissa McGuire
Good luck Chief Fusaro. From Melissa McGuire, Groton Tax Collector
JE Winery Fundraiser $226.16
The Hall Family $75.00
The Jewell Family
Good luck with this great event for a great cause.
Jeanne Martin
Thank you for your effort and for representing Groton in this worthy cause!
Ed Stebbins $25.00
Denise & David
Nancy & Chris Botchis
We are proud of you.
Larry & Colleen Bronit
Go L.J.!
Paul and Liz Duarte
Best of luck! Thank you for doing this ~
Tim Edwards
L.J., Best of luck on your ride!
Donald Melanson
Have a great ride!
The Flax Family
Good Luck Chief - with the Ride! Be Safe!!
Matt Morton
Thank you for peddling your butt off for a good cause. Matt & Karen
Tracey Gove $25.00
Chief Mark Palmer
Best of luck Chief!
Mara Simoneau
Ride strong, LJ!
Marcia Firetto
Good Luck, Chief.
Rich & Kim Hillmann $50.00
Mike & Carolyn Fusaro
Give 'em hell cuz!
Tim and Jodi Fusaro $50.00
Cristian Alvis $10.00
Linda & Corey
This is awesome, enjoy the ride!
Tim & Carolyn
Thank you! Good Luck and be safe.
Meg & Rick
Ride on
John & Linda Carlin
Good luck on your ride for a great cause!
Lori & Norman Danis $50.00
Great job
L.J. Fusaro
We are proud of you!
Jess & Rich
Good luck!
David White
LJ- Good luck my friend. Good cause by a good man!
Paula and Kevin MacDougall
Good Luck on your ride for a very noble cause.
Club East Colfax $88,821.46
Jen Lougee $1,256.16
Scott Erricson $5,051.03
Lee Couture $2,883.16
Joseph mooney $2,700.03
Joe Funaro $3,118.03
Danna Horgan $2,926.16
Andrew Walker $3,166.16
Rick Blinderman $1,465.16
Kevin Burrell $2,475.00
Gregg Swanson $13,592.18
Dave Krieger $1,445.00
Laura Taglianetti $2,526.16
Tim Bentley $2,133.53
Andre Parker $1,606.16
Megan Sylvestre $2,116.03
Norman Malbaurn $720.00
Stephen Bellos $4,223.03
Anthony Jessuck $1,500.16
Donald Balint $3,392.78
Carol Bagshaw $13,035.40
Edward Baldwin $1,931.16
Narciss Greene $1,682.16
Troy Gelinas $2,286.16
L. J. Fusaro $3,366.16
Jill Ruggiero $2,795.00
Pasquale Folino $3,704.50
Robin Golden $1,725.00

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