How Can A Teddy Bear Inspire A Movement To Act Beyond "Thoughts & Prayers"

A Social Empowerment Campaign Produced By The Firestarter Nation Preview

From Columbine to Sandy Hook. 

From Sandy Hook to Parkland...

We've all had #ENOUGH of gun violence.

Since the Columbine Massacre in 1999, over 228,000 kids have experienced the horror of a school shooting.

Furthermore, as of Tuesday August 6th, 2019, there have been over 250 mass shootings this year alone.

America has a gun violence epidemic that needs to be addressed urgently and the time to take action is NOW. Our solution, The Teddy Bear Campaign.

The Teddy Bear Campaign is a social empowerment campaign (produced by The Firestarter Nation) allowing people everywhere to view America's gun violence epidemic from the perspective of the forgotten victims of school shootings, the teddy bears. Because "for every kid lost in a school shooting, there's a lonely teddy bear."

Our campaign has 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Watch the music video "More Than I Can Bear." It tells the story of a school shooting from the perspective of a teddy bear.  This powerful song, gives you chills. It's cinematically scored and features a 40 piece youth choir and a powerful lead performance from Sanyika The Firestarter.  It was financed with funds via the first round of fundraising (26k, THANK YOU!) 

In private screenings it has been called "Intense", "Powerful" and "Necessary"

Step 2. After watching the music video, our call to action is to visit TeddyBearCampaign.Org (being developed) for more info.

We are conducting The World's Most Powerful Teddy Bear Fundraiser.

Once you land on the site, we  are asking people to follow these steps:

Step 1. Watch the music video for "More Than I Can Bear"

Step 2. Purchase a "Protector Teddy Bear" (It's BUY one GIVE one)

Your purchase makes TWO TEDDY BEARS!

Step 3. The 2nd The Buddy Protector goes on a journey.

- First it gets made in a factory.

- Then it gets stored in a location with all the other 2nd Buddy Protector Teddy Bears (made from other purchases)

- Then on Valentine's Day, 2020 all The duplicate Buddy Protector Teddy Bears (hopefully tens of thousands) are loaded up on an 18 wheel truck and delivered to the steps of the US Capital (for a media event) to remind congress that addressing this issue is urgent and important.

- Finally after The US Congress gets the message, the bears are then loaded back into the truck and delivered to children's charities as protecters of their new best friends.

Our Goals:

1. Remind congress of the importance of addressing this issue. 

2. Raise money for organizations advocating to protect kids everywhere from gun violence. 3. Remind people everywhere that there are actions we can all take to prevent teddy bears from losing their best friends.

Who Is Producing The Campaign?

The Firestarters Nation is a team of dynamic changemakers, storytellers and creatives:

Sanyika The Firestarter - Founder Of the Firestarter Nation, Performing Artist. 

Eric "Helix" Wolfson - Creative Director

Steve Tobenkin - Chief Strategist

Chris Hayman - Music Director

As well as a community of other powerful Firestarters.

At the Firestarter Nation, we create powerful storytelling campaigns that empower people to take actions that make our world a better place. Our last storytelling campaign titled “Thank You For Your Service” in partnership with the US Department of Defense told the story of what it means to honor our veterans. It went viral, reaching over 2.4 million homes across all social platforms with massive praise from the veteran and non veteran communities.

What Do All Of Your Gracious Contributions Help Fund?

The Video: Shooting The Music Video For Our Viral Anthem "More Than I Can Bear" (THANK YOU)

The Website: Information, Updates, Teddy Bear Bill Petition Sign Ups

The Activation: Permits, Public Relations & Media, Equipment For The Washington DC Event on April 20th)

The People: The dedicated organizational team needed to create and execute this audacious mission.

Is this a charitable effort?

Yes, This Is A Charitable Effort. Please email Hello@FirestarterLive.Com for more info if you'd like your contribution to be tax deductible.

How Much Are Your Raising?

Our Total Fundraising Goal is $100,000+

How Do I Get Involved?

Help us take a stand NOW by:

1. Donating To The Campaign Now! 

2. Listen To The Song & Share This Campaign With Those You Love. 

3. Ask how you can offer your services, time and expertise to help fuel our mission.

Let your voice be heard, take a stand and lets make sure we play our part to make sure no teddy bear, anywhere, has to lose it's best friend. #NoBearLeftBehind

Who Can I Get In Contact With The Team?

You can email us at Hello@FirestarterLive.Com

Thank You For Your Support!

LaVees Best
Go, Yika!
Tiffany Cannava
Awesome Job!
Durk Dehner
So I think this will assist in your endeavor of meeting your goal. yours Durk Dehner
Akira Chan
So important - let's make this big.
Jerry Lucas $200.00
Benjamin & Azrya
I am making this donation in representing A safer place
Ogugua Anene-Maidoh
Just listened to you on the Are you being real podcast. So inspirational! Thank you for your service
Steve Soffer
BIG LOVE is a BIG Teddy Bear! I knew that!
Eric Post
You’re the man.
cauri $30.00
Sari Ratsula
Sanyika, Thank you for the amazing things you do in this world. I love your passion and how you use it. May there be big things to come! Sari
Judith Shapiro
Phil Wolfson $250.00
Alyssa Harper $2,500.00
Kammi and Brad
Gail Kaufman $50.00
Tom Soto $50.00
Lisa Flores $50.00
Jay Levin $50.00
Marc Snyder $50.00
Judy Norsigian $50.00
Judy Tisdale $50.00
Nathan Messina
Wish I could help out this weekend!! Much love <3
D a v i d L i l i e n s t e i n
Keep up the good work!
Alice Wolfson
I love this. Such good work,
Gary Mancuso $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
James Mandell
Thank you for helping end gun violence!
Richard Burke
Congrats! Proud of you!
Anonymous $10.00
Ryland Engelhart
Glad to bring you home.
Steve Weinberg $50.00
Anonymous $32.00
Rev. GPK
Great cause, Firestarter! Happy to help! GPK
Ryan Crownholm $100.00
Love you dear brother. Greg Wendt
Peter Bromley
An inspiring initiative lifted by a very inspiring man.
Anonymous $100.00
HughJohn Malanaphy $50.00
Christian Tejidor
Big hug
Harry Karidis, DGA $100.00
Ian Slade
Solid work bro! Ian Slade
Andrewc $100.00
Gary Mancuso
Hey Sanyika, Good luck!! Gary
Greg Logan
Nearly there! G x
Justin Bookey
Crucial cause, strong message. Here's to success.
Brad Giemza
Best of luck meeting your goal!! Great cause!!
Terrence & Sherise Brownlee
Keep doing what you do!
Sasha Shem $100.00
Joy Grajo
L Williamson
Ben Cooke $72.00
Anonymous $100.00
Jason Sordia
My metal brother!!
Earl Apellanes
Hayley McKinley (Love My Neighbor Foundation)
Glenn's Designs
Thank you for taking actions to help end gun violence. We look forward to joining you in DC in April. Go FIRESTARTERS UNITED!!
Colin Mangham
I have a Teddy Bear named "Dadou", given to me in appreciation of my service to a non-profit nearly 25 years ago. He was named after a French short film in which a school-aged girl finds a clever way to get her dad to pay more attention to her. Dadou is cheering you on as well!
Lynn B. Cooper $50.00
Gregory Markel $50.00
Brad Johnson $50.00
Ryan Thompson
Proud of you brother! Keep this going!
Mike Isseks
I’ll spread the word! Much love
Pamela Donnelly
Reaching out with support for all you do. Love, Pamela
Allan Grosvenor
Awesome cause! You're making a real difference!
David Freeman Consulting Group
Keep setting the pace ...
Jamie McCrary $50.00
Vivid Labs $100.00
Jorge Rodriguez $25.00
Chris and Jen $150.00
Javier Lopez $25.00
David $25.00
Anonymous $100.00
jeanette fenty $25.00
John Sungkamee $100.00
Lyndsay Morris $100.00
Corinne Butler
Big love Holly - love your work x
Jenna Christine Johnson
Proud of you guys for making this real!
Aandra $100.00
Rachel Bardis
Alisha $20.00
Anish Parikh $50.00
Debora J McCormick $100.00
Paola K Wong $100.00
Alan & Delwyn Breslau $20.00
Nicolas Azlon Menchaca
Thank you for who you are and what you do! Love and respect! I appreciate you!
Rhiannon Clark
I heard about this through Sylvia Hendershott.
Debra Anderson $20.00
Vincent Dignan
Proud to support! Vin Clancy
Donation for Kelly Gardner
Buddy $20.00
Danny Klein
Great cause! So excited for this!!
Praful Mathur $200.00
Rob & Linda Kessler
SeanBaum $25.00
Chase $50.00
E. Powell $150.00
Will Henshall $200.00
Anonymous $50.00
Patricia Elder $20.00
Charles Byrd
Michael Amos
universal background checks
Dr. Camacho
An Angel giving some hope and a taken to help with this cause
Melissa $20.00
Porter Family
Good luck with your campaign.
Dave Aarons
This is a gift that was encouraged by the love and passion of David Tosti.
Richard Egli $100.00
Gabriella Hernandez $10.00
Morea Arthur $25.00
On behalf of my soul sister Lana Wilson✨
Lana Wilson -
Carissa Cassone
Monique Benabou $33.00
Melinda Apple Pay $90.00
Michael $495.00
AVos $50.00
Hitana van Melle
Inspired by Danielle Galland
Zion $90.00
Meghan $20.00
Phyllis Espinosa_ Sarah Schindler $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Justin Perea
We're big suuporters of this initiative and couldn't be happier to make a contribution to the Teddy Bear Campaign!!
On behalf of Russell Breton. You are amazing!!
Emily Bundellu $20.00
Craig Ortiz $5.00
Anonymous $9.00
Christopher Ball $100.00
jim hagopian
on behalf of jim hagopian
Aiyana Sage $20.00
Mytika T $100.00
Maria Snipp $400.00
Caitlin Davis & Chris Raddatz
Aaron D $10.00
Leadership is unreasonable! Get after it
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $500.00
Delious Kennedy $300.00
Dayna Williams
Keep up the amazing work
Arielle $20.00
Barry James $100.00
Al-faro Hernández $50.00
Kelly G $20.00
Kay/david Tosti
A-a-ron $25.00
Danielle Galland
My personal donation
Aakash Purandare $100.00
Eugenia Gorkowa $50.00
Sarah Schindler
$100 from FB donation fund $20 of my own money
Anonymous $200.00
Thank you for doing this. I support you all so much and wish I could give more. I have also shared on my Facebook.
Laura Madden $56.00
Helen Rose
On behalf of Lana Wilson!
Anonymous $200.00
Krystyn Linville
Hope this helps Stacey!
Sarah Matson
Thank Danielle Galland for bringing me to the cause!
Paige Filliater $100.00
Chris K
Friend of Byron
Jim Hagopian $20.00
Laurie Cancellieri $100.00
Lukaijah $20.00
Melody Elder $20.00
Marge Runka $50.00
Donating on behalf of Lana
Martha $10.00
LP $100.00
Senor cash $100.00
Richard Kuo
Trinity Karunaratne $31.00
vanessa sorrells $150.00
Marella c/o Shirley Maycon-Thomas
May Mae
On behalf of Matthew Downey
KK $20.00
Lauren Becker $20.00
xx Syl ♥️
Get it guys! Great cause! You can do thiiiiis team extreme! Out here supporting Beth Bryant & Byron
Ernie Garcia
Raphael K $10.00
Brian Simpson
Get it Kelly Gardner and the rest of my Extreme brethren!
Jackie Linne
Thank you for doing this work <3
Vanessa Chan
Thank you and good luck! This donation is made on behalf of my friend Byron Runka in support of his goal :)
Brad Newman
Zion Kim for president
Joseph Paulino
Keep up the great work! Be blessed and well!
Jake Johnson
Go Rams!
Ki $20.00
Dr. Gary Arthur
Dave Tosti
Keezia turner $50.00
Natalie $40.00
RD $10.00
Andy, Rebekah, Enzo
Thanks Adam Hendershott.
Marissa Haywood $50.00
Alexander R Kosenko Jr
Thank you!
Anonymous $18.00
Referred by Sylvia Hendershott
Kelly Hughes
Allison Ott
XO Sylvia Hendershott
Marla Mattenson
Such an important cause. Thank you for organizing this. xoxo
Brett Morell
Steven David Foord $10.00
Jacki O $47.62
michaelsaltzman $5.00
Sylvia Hendershott $100.00
Caroline M. Ott
Sylvia xo
Megan Bentley-Kerr
Thanks for telling me about this great cause, Danielle Galland!!
Lauren E Ciulla
David Pare $75.00
Erin Jubril
Durian Songbird
From Lukijah’s friend Durian. Good luck!
Anonymous $30.00
Kenny & Linda Morton
Awesome job Russell! Proud of you!
Albert Agazaryan $100.00
Anita Vora
Let’s create impactful change!
Brittany Ishibashi $100.00
Matthew Watters $100.00
Anna Paz
Sylvia and Adam Hendershott
Adam Poole
Get it Extreme Team!!!!
Laura A Bautista
Excited to see you guys reach your goal. :)
Elizabeth & Chris $100.00
Dale Michaelson $50.00
Nicole B. $5.00
Dan $50.00
Allyson Byrd
I was invited to this cause by Bella Verita and Zion Kim; honored to donate.
Eve T $25.00
Sunetra $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
Christine $10.00
Gregg Silver $200.00
Sam Lotus
Love youuuu
I love the message, shoutout my boy Zion for sharing this page!
JC $100.00
Lauren Sutherland
Grace C
On behalf of Adam Hendershott
Grace C
On behalf of Sylvia Hendershott
James Montgomery
Raised by ZK
Kipa Cetán $111.00
Danielle Galland
Digna James $20.00
Joe + Denise - New Paradigm of Love
Rock on brother. Great idea!
Anonymous $25.00
Anonymous $100.00
Clay Ostrom, Map & Fire
Love this project. So important!
CH $20.00
Tristan Klobas
This is a contribution associated with Danielle Galland
Sam zewdie $50.00
Candice Archer $20.00
Great idea & cause, Syl!
Emily Hollister
Sylvia Beatriz
Melissa $20.00
Beth Bryant $150.00
Ted Bryant
Good work well done
Sending love- proud of you all for leading with your hearts!
Anonymous $20.00
Alisa Nelson $20.00
Holly Neighbours $20.00
Danielle Galland crew
Danielle Garland! Keep up the good work!
Cathy Storoz
Thank you for doing wonderful work for such great causes:)) this is on behalf of my friend Byron Runka, to help him reach his goal:)
Adrienne Chaille $25.00
Tc $20.00
Danielle Galland
Via Danielle Galland
eli wilhide $200.00
Rachel Stone $5.00
Anonymous $60.00
Lupe Otiz $100.00
Natalie Domazet
Get it!
Angela Earp $20.00
cameron ontkean $50.00
Simon Fyall $20.00
Honoured to help in the cause
Elite $200.00
Shannii Da Costa
Yes amazing cause. Byron asked so I donated ❤️
Alexandra I. Mason $100.00
EO Visions
Keep killing it! Keep doing good.
Lisa Finck Certified Life Coach Institute
Great work!
Blue Water Transport Inc
Jim spitzig $200.00
Melissa Anderson
Good luck you beautiful humans
Oliver k
Good luck keep up the good work
woooooo!!!!! what a beautiful cause! much love to you all !
Fred Moss $100.00
Kai Johnson $100.00
Serena $10.00
Pam Koppel $25.00
Mama B $50.00
Courtney Loechl
Thanks to all of you for taking the initiative to drive this change! <3
Thank you!
Emily $100.00
Joanne breton
God bless your endeavors, may he be glorified!
Judy’s Junction $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
yayyyyy test

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