Golf Marathon for FREE GOLF for Juniors Brought to you By The Friends of The First Tee of Greater Wichita and MV Purchasing

First Annual Golf Marathon supporting Free Golf for Wichita-area junior golfers. Preview

First Annual Golf Marathon supporting Free Golf for Wichita-area junior golfers.

 We’ve all heard it before—golf is a dying sport. A lifelong game that teaches patience, honesty, etiquette, and camaraderie is slowly declining. Video games and apps are beating out a sport that provides fresh air and exercise to young girls and boys in a relaxing environment. Most importantly, the rising cost of green fees makes it difficult to offer this game to younger generations.

But, what if green fees didn’t exist for junior golfers? What if every junior golfer in Wichita could access any public course for free? A group of friends who know the positive impact golf can have for younger generations intend to make this happen.

On April 22nd at MacDonald Golf Park, the Friends of The First Tee of Greater Wichita—in partnership with MV Purchasing—will host its First Annual Golf Marathon. Volunteer golfers will play from sun up until sun down, attempting to finish a minimum of 100 holes. Golfers will raise pledges from friends, families, and businesses to ultimately help the Friends of The First Tee of Wichita reach its goal of $20,000.

All funds raised from the marathon will cover green fees for all Wichita-area junior golfers at Sim Park, MacDonald Park, Tex Consolver, L.W. Clapp, and Auburn Hills. Junior golfers should be able to play the game they love, free of charge. It’s as simple as that.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to this cause of any amount. All funds raised will benefit the junior golfers in the Wichita, KS area.

About The First Tee of Greater Wichita: 

From birdies to triple bogeys, golf closely parallels real life as players experience the highs and lows of the game.

The First Tee of Greater Wichita helps shape the lives of kids and teens from all walks of life by introducing them to values inherent in the game of golf. Values like integrity, respect and perseverance.

You can find The First Tee of Greater Wichita junior golf and life skills programs at Tex Consolver Golf Course, MacDonald Golf Course, and Terradyne Golf Club. We can be found in 57 local elementary schools, the Boys & Girls Club of South Central Kansas, and lots of local youth organizations.

In addition to learning fundamentals of the golf swing and the game, our character education and life skills programs help kids and teens prepare for success at school, at home and in their community.

Our Junior Golf & Life Skills Curriculum Focuses on:

  • How to manage emotions
  • How to set goals
  • How to resolve conflicts
  • How to communicate with others

Learn More about  The First Tee Greater Wichita by clicking the link. 

MV Purchasing has been one of the lead sponsors for The Auggie Navarro Golf Tournament in Wichita, KS for many years. This tournament has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the youth in Wichita, KS. The Auggie Donates multiple $10,000 scholarships to juniors in Wichita. Please follow this link to learn more about "The Auggie" and all the Navarro brothers do for the junior golfers in this community.  THE AUGGIE

Trent McKenzie $100.00
Tony Chapman
Jeff Yoder
Nice cause and good effort to everyone. Pete K’s scores pretty damn low on the card he sent me...suppose he was picking up some on the greens?
Anthony Francisco
Congrats! Sounds like it was a successful event.
Murfin Inc $1,000.00
MVP $1,000.00
Petro Power $500.00
BMP INC $250.00
James McNerney Jr $100.00
F & G Rentals $100.00
Joe Fernandez $250.00
Anonymous $100.00
James Hoppes
Brews and birdies
Mike Ward
Jeff Mullen $100.00
Brian $50.00
Kit Grove $50.00
Carissa and Alex
You’re a cool guy and Max is okay. You’re doing great work!
Sara and Tom Perkins
Best of luck to you all and thank you for all you do and have done!
Tom and Chris Johnston $50.00
Luke Munro
Dude I have a set of youth righty clubs for the First Tee too!
Brandon Haag
Mark & Nikki Iseman
For Phil & Max Iseman. (Thanks for all that you do to help introduce kids to this great sport!)
Manny Montenegro
Thank you for your support of junior golfers. I give on behalf of Phil Iseman.
Emily Montenegro
For the future Tigers, on behalf of Max Iseman
Kurt & Becky Smith
On behalf of Phil & Max Iseman
The Lanters
Nice of you to help others do what you love. Great job Max and Phil!
Paul and Diane Iseman
Good luck, Phil and Max Iseman!!
Michael & Janet Iseman
Good luck Phil Iseman!
Janet and Michael Iseman
Good luck Max Iseman!
Allen Erskine
Make sure Tyler doesn't skip any holes....
Lewis Street Glass
See you this summer, Corey! Chad and Jani Byers
Paul A Graf
What a great idea and cause! Good Luck to you and Eric and get it done! Paul Graf
michael j shonka $100.00
Kay Dowen $20.00
Russ Factor
Great Cause! For the kids!!!
Conco Construction $500.00
Will Gantz
Keep up the great work Corey!!
Tyler Garretson
Nice work Corey, good luck later this month!
bill koppers
hit em straight
Mike Maloney $100.00
%Todd % Novascone $50.00
Madison Walden
Thanks for helping kids discover the joy of golf! Learned about First Tee from Phil & Max Iseman
Maury Edwards $100.00
The Pumphouse $250.00
Tina Lichtlin
James Hoppes $60.00
Steve Howard
Hi Cory! Spot 10 please
Spencer Christian
Brad Rucker $100.00
Jeff McNatt
Good Luck Pete!
Bill Wapelhorst $50.00
GARY BAUER $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Ron Geist $100.00
Darren $200.00
Bill Pickert
Contributed to support Pete Krsnich's fund raising goal.
Ryan Wasinger $20.00
Nancy Blackman $100.00
Paul & Judy Iseman
On behalf of Phil & Max Iseman
Pete and Andrea Iseman
Corey thanks for all you’ve done. Finding the clubs for us was a great lift. This is for Phil and max.
Ann Walden
Phil & Max
Anonymous $200.00
Joey Crowley
Joey Krsnich Team
James Hoppes $100.00
Anonymous $1,500.00
Cynthia Iseman
This donation is for Max and Phil Iseman. I wanted to donate more, but Phil’s cheap ass told me he had to pay green fees so I needed to dial it down.
Jay Franz
Corey, I wish to personally thank you for the great gesture of helping my nephew, Auggie Iseman, with the clubs you got for him when his got stolen out of his car the day before his tournament. Class act! I hope to meet you sometime soon so I can thank you in person! Max Iseman (another nephew of mine) and brother-in-law, Phil Iseman, both speak very highly of you! Thanks again! -Jay Franz
Pat Lindell $100.00
Chris Baker $100.00
Matthew Hewitt
Joey Krsnich team
ACLAY $20.00
Tom Huckaby
what's good for golf is good for the world. :)
Blanchaert Fam $250.00
Tom Belot $20.00
Patrick $250.00
James R. Krsnich $100.00
Monte Cook
Great cause Pete, scoring big for the kids!
David Maples $100.00
Rolf Gunderson $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Luke Proctor $100.00
Brian and Tara Wilbert $150.00
Coonrod & Associates Construction Co., Inc. $100.00
The Spicer Family
Awesome Corey. Proud of you and keep up the great work!
Jon Tilton
Great cause-thank you.
James Hoppes $100.00
Be sure Pete plays all 100 holes :)
Nick and Sabrina Esterline
Good luck on your goal fellas! Your doing great things for the kids of this community!
Jelly $500.00
JR Bryant $50.00
Kyle Orndorff
For my boy Peter Krsnich!
Reek Dog $100.00
Kevin & Kelsey Nichols $100.00
Allmetal Recycling
Way to go Pete!
JW $20.00
I hope Pete Krsnich can make it 100 holes!
Tracy McConnell
I’m a friend of Pete Krsnich
Herzog Contracting Corp
For Pete Krsnich
Anonymous $20.00
IMA, Inc.
Best of luck from IMA!
Logan and Morgan Overman $300.00
good luck . . . great cause . . . God Bless!
Rod Young
Great idea and good luck - one request -----make sure Pete Krsnich wears purple!
Hess $100.00
dave binter
Eric Pauly $100.00
Jim Remsberg $100.00
Andrew & Jamie Mies $250.00
David Bengtson
Pete Krsnich golf marathon
Jeff Grace $100.00
Tom West $100.00
Joe Vosburgh $500.00
Rob Powers
Good Luck and I hope you get your goal.
J. Yeagle $47.62
josh cook
Love this idea Corey!
Conrad Roberts
Good luck mate!
Matt Toohey $100.00
Lee Aerospace
From your friends at Lee Aerospace, play well.
Casey Old $50.00
Pete Krsnich $250.00
Will Deer $50.00
Chris Graham $100.00
This is only because I still feel bad for accidentally locking you outside of my house all night that one time when it was raining.
Anonymous $25.00
Anonymous $5.00

March 30, 2019 5:05 PM

We are almost half way there folks! We can do it.  We have just three short weeks to raise the second half of the goal amount.  Please share the link with your friends - share the link with business. We are so close! Here are the tee times for the first round of golf below. If your playing and we don't have you listed, please reach out to us at:  We will be on TV and radio here in the coming weeks raising awareness for the marathon. Look for us all over.  Please remember, 100% of all the money raised is going to pay for green fees at all the public courses in Wichita.  (MacDonald, Tex, Auburn Hill, Sim Park, Clapp Park)  Also remember your donation is tax deductible.  

1Corey NovasconeJoe VosburghJason NovasconeEric Johnsen
2Pete KrsnichJoe KrsnichBrandon MahoneyMax Iseman
4Phil IsemanTyler ChapmanCory CooperDan Winters
6Jonathan ReiterJRJRJR

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