Freedom Ride 2016 - End Human Trafficking One Mile at a Time

The ride to end human trafficking, one mile at a time.

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Hi! My name is Beth Gegner and I love to ride my bike, but I hate modern day slavery, which is human trafficking. The fact that someone is sold into slavery every 30 seconds, often tortured, gang raped and sometimes threatened with death, is not OK with me. And to know this is happening right here to OUR KIDS in our own US neigborhoods makes me sad.... and livid!

I've learned a lot about this attrocity and how to combat it since I rode my bike from Laguna Beach CA to Bend Oregon, raising awareness and money for the cause last year. But knowing doesn't matter much, unless we do something with that knowledge. So this year, I'm doing the ride again, but with a team of other like-minded people. Our goal is to impact and inspire as many people as possible to take action and make a difference in their own communities. My vision is that people just like you will join the fight, either by participating in or by starting their own projects. I already know of 4 Freedom Ride-inspired-projects that are getting started: 2 to educate hospital staff to recognize and help victims, 1 to have men disrupt this and compassionately come alongside offenders, and 1 university project started by a teacher to mobilize students for the cause.

I would like to ask for your help with my campaign to end slavery. You can support me as a rider in 3 ways: by donating, by praying, and by following and promoting our ride on social media. Your donation will make my vision possible: to raise awareness about human trafficking and to move people to action. Your funds will help cover the costs of awareness events, media, food, accomodations, roadside support, and the starting of charitable projects to combat human trafficking. You will receive a tax deductible receipt upon donating.

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Thank you so much for your contribution!

Beth Gegner

Russell Royal
You Go Girl....wish I could join you
We are pleased to support Beth Gagner and her Board Members, specifically David McGill, to raise awareness about human trafficking. Have a great ride!!
Jan Maunder
Best of luck Elisabeth. You have done amazing things with this.
Kathy S
Great ride for a great cause. Best to you and your team!
Great ride for a great cause, best wishes!
Amie Raiger $1,000.00
Nancy and Phil Gegner $250.00
Seniel Ostrow Foundation - Widzer Family
Hi Elisabeth, Its Danna, the Seniel Ostrow Foundation was formed by the Widzer family to contribute to non-profit organization in order to support and help where they can. Danna
Yvo Seigler
Allez Elisabeth!
Cheryl Burd
Yeah! Go Beth!
Errol G Rohr
We love you and are proud of this work that you are doing. You are in our prayers and thanksgivings. Uncle Errol and Aunt Karen.
I pray that your efforts will pay big dividends to saving victims of human trafficking and be an effective way to deliver the gospel. I am excited to donate $1 per mile for this 1500 mile journey and hope this gives a good boost to your campaign! Blessings,Tom
Ash & Amy Narayan $100.00

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