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I learned about The Raining Season (TRS) organization in April 2010 through functions I attended at Iowa State University and at a church in Ankeny. TRS opened The Covering Orphanage in 2009 and had recently rescued several children from an island which had suffered a huge loss when a ferry boat carrying many of the men from the island to and from work had a fatal accident, taking the lives of all the men on the boat. TRS was asked by the local government to go to this island and check in on the children there. Although they did not have any room at The Covering for additional children, they returned with 18 children who they just could not leave behind - trusting for God's provision. My family, along with a friend of mine and her family, began providing sponsorship for two brothers from the island, Dauda and James. The sponsorship is so personal! We mail them letters, pictures and Christmas gifts annually. We receive regular updates on the boys, along with pictures (posted above). My family also communicates with the boys monthly via Skype! With the recent Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, The Covering has been on lock-down to lower the chance of children and staff contracting Ebola. Praise God that no one has contracted Ebola at The Covering! We could not Skype with the boys for a while during the lock-down due to reduced staff, but that has resumed now, with some of the older children helping with the Skype calls. It was so good to see the boys again last month after going so many months of not being able to Skype with them!

Thank you for considering providing support to The Covering Orphanage! This is an amazing organization to be involved with and I'm thankful that my family has been able to be involved with this very worthwhile cause over the years and look forward to continued involvement with TRS and of course, with Dauda and James!! :) Your prayers for Dauda, James and ALL the children at The Covering are also much needed and appreciated!

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