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Melanie Boling x Photographers Without Borders. Sumatra Edition.

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Aloha Friends, Family and Tribe,

I was recently given the honor as being named one of the #Ambasadors for an organization I have had ties with since their beginning. I am currently partnering with #PhotographersWithoutBorders and raising money for #PWB #ThousandWords Campaign. I sincerely appreciate your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.#PhotographersWithoutBorders.

 I will be headed to the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary and the Orangutan Information Centre in Sumatra to make this #dreamtrip come to life. We will document how palm oil impacts people on the local and global level, how reforestation is being accomplished, and how everyday heroes are rescuing orangutans in need. We will trek through the jungle and encounter orangutans that share 97% of our DNA and bathe elephants in the river.

ALL Proceeds go directly to #conservation of pristine #rainforest in Sumatra, home to critically-endangered Sumatran #orangutan, #rhino, #elephant and #tiger.

You can read more about conservation efforts here:

If you know me, I've been trying to successfully get on an assignment such as this for many, many years now. Family has always come first. When learning of this magical opportunity. lt could not have come at a better time. I volunteered my time and talents as soon as I finished reading the last sentence.

#Indonesia; its people, its #culture, its #landscape, its #wild, has captivated my heart. I would do anything to help preserve and create #awareness for #endangered #wildlife by documenting this pristine place and telling its story to the #world.

In addition to my #campaign, I'll be auctioning off items like custom art prints; jewelry; outdoor gear; gift certificates, as well as putting together events like #yoga through Melanie Noelani Yoga, hikes through YogaEdventure, and fun photo walks with me,  and my photography brand #ImageryBeyondBorders in #support of this venture. Anything helps. Please consider supporting my work as well as my campaign.

Thank you for believing in my purpose.

Melanie Boling RYT 300

Imagery Beyond Borders


See more of my travels to Indonesia here. 

Peggy Wurtz $2,979.50
Peggy Wurtz
Best wishes, will pass on to family & friends. so

April 7, 2017 4:36 PM

Aloha Friends, Family and Tribe

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