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Initial Payment of $1,500 each due December 1st


Dear Family and Friends,

We wanted to share some exciting news with you! We have been accepted as a students for Thrive Rescue's Justice School hosted this year in Thailand. Thrive is an anti-trafficking organization that dedicates itself to providing top quality long term restoration and after-care to boys and girls rescued from the injustices of human trafficking and exploitation. Through The Justice School we will become certified in Global Injustice Response Training and live in Thailand for five weeks while becoming educated and trained by world renowned professionals to combat this nefarious crime on the front lines. We will have the honor of working with reaching out to those enslaved, working in vulnerable slum communities, feeding the poor and so much more!

We know that God wants us to go beyond our comfort zone and fight for the freedom of others. Our prayer is that we can become educated and equipped to eradicate injustice and bring light into the dark places. We feel blessed to have this incredible opportunity and know there is a lot of work ahead as we begin to prepare. We do not take this position lightly and need your help, because your participation in the liberation of men, women, and children will prove infinitely valuable.

We prayerfully ask if you would consider contributing to the work we will be participating in by making a donation towards our tuition. The amount we must personally raise to fully fund ourselves is above and each month we have a portion of the tuition to pay. If you wish to partner with us, please click on the “GIVE NOW” button to donate. We cannot do this without your help. Thank you for considering being a part of our journey.


Brian & Sophy

Visit the websites below for more information or contact me with any questions!

*Donations made towards tuition are through our U.S. Non-Profit Organization, Thrive Rescue and are considered tax-deductible.

"Bring my people to me..."Psalms 50:5 May the Lord be with you both and continue to help you bless others through Him we love you!!
Yahaira and Caiden
Thank you!
Love you Brian and Sophy!!!
Shannon & Shannon McCaig
We've been missing y'all at Southside. Hope you get to come again sometime before your trip.
Ebony Frazier
Love you guys so much!!!! The world is blessed to have you two!!!!
Team Rose
Keep up the good work guys! Love you!
Team Kochamba
Continue Blessings to you and this incredible ministry! Glory to God!
Daryl & Tawanna Anderson $50.00
Tasia $40.00
Rosalyn $2,000.00
God Bless you on all your efforts :-)
Ms. Emma $200.00
Lily & Mach $50.00
Lina Krom Bianchi
Thanks to the both of you for taking on this cause! Best of luck in the fight!! Travel safe and hugs & prayers!
Javan Cornelius $100.00
Veronica Sanchez
Anonymous $251.02
DMinisee Family $250.00
Anonymous $752.00
C. Frazier
God bless you Brian and Sophy!
Agnilza Dos Santos
Love you both! #LetsEndSexTrafficing #Freedom
Carrie & Mark Bingham
I wish this was more but I will try to regularly check back give regularly. God bless you guys!!
Jeremy and Traci $100.00
God bless you guys for dedicating yourselves to working for His kingdom!
Sophane $25.00
Crying Voice Project
Blessings to you Both!
Good luck out there! God bless!
Chancee Christian
Im passionate as well about human trafficking
Laron Spearman $3.00
Brian Thomas
Our First Deposit!! Yay!!

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