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VOX Femina's Song Cycle 2018

Keep me busy on Tuesday Nights so I don't nag my kid about his homework!!!! Learn More

Dudes. If I don't sing, I get angry. And when I get angry, it gets ugly. No one wants a short, old, pissy lady who likes to punch things to get angry. So give to my ride. And lookie, I hate riding a bike. Hate it like I hate fire ants. But if I am willing to ride, you should be willing to give. Thanks. 

Lauren Schellenbach
Match for Lori K's donation
Lauren Schellenbach
Match of Amy Kane's donation
Lauren Schellenbach
Matching donation
David Kendall
glad to help you keep busy!
You want 5 bucks, you get five bucks. Anytime, sister.
Lori K.
Lauren Schellenbach
Dear Lauren, Thank you so much for matching the recent donations to my Song Cycle fundraiser!!!!
Sarah Whitman
For music
Sue Moravec
You know what they say about riding a bike right? I'm sure you'll never forget this experience!
Sistahhhh $75.00
Keep Peddling. Look straight ahead. Above all Sing Out!
Sherman, the younger brother
Not singing is the path to the dark side…not singing leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to putting on spandex bike pants.

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