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Laurie's 4th Song Cycle - 2018

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Hi friends and family!

I'm doing my 4th Song Cycle in 2018 to help raise money for VOX Femina. This fundraiser is a fun way to help VOX continue its mission to give women voice for another year.  The first year, my son Andrew & my friend Elizabeth & I rode our bikes down to the "oasis" on the beach & back - a 14-mile round trip. The 2nd & 3rd years I was on my own, so decided to walk with Holley's charming family (aka "Team Totoro"). This year, I decided to change it up a bit and I'm working on putting together a small group of my kids & grandchildren to ride scooters!  Sound like fun?  Come join us!

I sincerely appreciate your support for me and for VOX. You can donate now by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. It will only take a few minutes to make a donation, but the effects will be felt for years to come. Large or small, every donation helps. We really appreciate your support.

Thank you for joining me!

Lauren Schellenbach
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Kale Jessen
We need contact info in order to send a thank you! --RW
Lauren Schellenbach
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Lauren Schellenbach
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Lauren Schellenbach
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Ingrid M. Dark
Have yourself a fantastic ride with the Grand Children my friend. Live Life to the FULLEST!! I miss you too {{HUGS}}.
Beckie $25.00
Lauren Schellenbach
Dear Lauren, Thank you so much for matching the recent donations to my Song Cycle fundraiser!!!!
Lesli, Autry and Damien
Outstanding work! Congratulations. Keep your gaze on the horizon.
Caroline & Andrew Rozendal
Scoot your heart out!
Elizabeth Tudhope
Scoot On!
Patsy Bring
Walk and roll on Team Fox!
Marcia Fox
You are such an inspiration! Thanx big sister!!
Carolyn Fox Inglis
Go, Fox team!! Thanks for showing up.

April 20, 2018 6:49 PM

Ok, here's the plan for TOMORROW:

My number one son, Damien, with his daughter Autry (10), are going to show up with 3 scooters (the 3rd being for me).  And my number two son, Andrew, with his son Red (almost 2 1/2) and Andrew's best buddy Kale, with his daughter Liuka (also almost 2 1/2 - they're "twins") are going to show up with 2 bicycles (each outfitted with a little-kid bicycle seat) and 4 helmets.  Together, the 7 of us are going to explore the 5-mile "Family Fun Ride" and enjoy being outside, reveling in each other's company and the beautiful Ballona Creek Bike Path.  And who knows?  The 4 on bikes might even make it all the way down to the beach!  :-)

Thanks for your support, which makes this day so much fun AND makes it possible for Vox Femina to brighten our little corner of the world with beautiful, challenging & inspiring music.



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