WCHS Class of 1963 Fund

Help us with future reunions and class website. Preview

If you would like to contribute funds for our class webpage and future reunions, please offer $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00, here.  We thank you for your assistance.

Ruth (Robinson) Burke $20.00
Thanks for the update.
Glad you are getting back, keep on getting better.
Carol Rice
hope this is ok and for 2 people. this is a great idea
Nancy Saunders Caldwell
I don’t go on the website very much. Just saw this Glad to help.
Thanks Richard for creating
Ruth Burke (Robinson) $20.00
Thanks for keeping us together*
Gloria Crull $50.00
David L. Harris
Rich, here is some dough--more than your minimum amount. If I had a better feel for the costs involved in maintaining the website perhaps I could/should/would give more. I sure appreciate all you do on this and you should not be having to foot the bill out of your pocket. But I have zero knowledge of what it entails. Best wishes.
Nancy Kwak
I wish it could be more but it’s all I can afford I also wish I could attend the luncheons they sound like so much fun but I don’t hv transportation or not always the funds. I do really enjoy our class web site & looking forward to our next class reunion doesn’t seem possible that it will be 55yrs since we graduated& I hope I feel better for this one as I was starting to get sick @ the last one e
Beverly Hilburn $200.00

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