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I am going to be homeless unless I get some help soon.

Here is my story and why I am hoping you will help me.

Saturday night did not end the way I thought it would. After watching the Stanford football game on a big screen TV in my cozy living room on my comfortable couches, my son Donnie and I headed over to Capital Christian Center for a Saturday service.

Shortly after arriving at the service I realized I could be homeless in just a few days.

I am not new to going to church . . . I grew up in a church and spent the greater part of my childhood there but it has not been a part of my life or my family’s life for decades. However, recently Donnie’s mother and I enrolled him into Capital Christian Elementary School and in turn decided to become a part of the community.That means we are attending services regularly.

I am still on my own spiritual quest and doing my best to come to terms with what I believe and what is in my heart and the services and the messages have been uplifting and thought provoking.

This last Saturday night was the most uplifting and thought provoking service so far.During the service, Reverend Rick Cole shared a message about lending a hand and helping those who need it, not to criticized or belittle others.It hit home on a few levels for me. Rev. Cole shared that the program “Winter Sanctuary” which houses homeless individuals during the winter months through faith based organization had lost its funding for the busing and administration cost.The budget for the Winter Sanctuary program is over $300,000.It provides housing for hundreds of local homeless when it is the most miserable outside.

Rev. Cole informed that congregation that he was going to try and help by actually trading places with those who are less fortunate in the hopes to bring attention to the program.So today, (Sunday) after services he is now living on the streets until he raises $100,000 for the program.  Sacramento Bee’s coverage:

Rev. Cole’s willingness to help others at his own discomfort is both humbling and inspiring.So much so that I want to help him get off the streets as soon as possible.In order to help Rev. Cole I am committing today that I will raise enough for money 100 individuals to have shelter for one full week this winter.This totals $7,700.00.I will donate a portion myself and am asking my friends and family to help me reach my goal.

If I do not reach my goal by Thursday October 2, 2014, I like Rev. Cole, will live on the streets until I reach my goal.Please help Rev. Cole come home to his family and to help house hundreds of people this winter in Sacramento.

Will you help me?Please make your donation at the link provided below.

James Becker

Make Friends – Serve People™

Help us make a radical impact in the lives of those who need it most. Our mission is to raise $300,000 in order to provide temporary housing and food for hundreds of Sacramento's homeless during the winter months. 

Each winter, cold and wet weather conditions threaten the lives of nearly 1,000 homeless men and women who live on Sacramento-area streets. The Winter Sanctuary Program was founded to meet the needs of these individuals with nowhere to go. Comprised of a network of religious congregations under the leadership of Sacramento Steps Forward, Winter Sanctuary is the only winter shelter option for single, homeless adults. The goal of this privately funded program is to help these individuals, who all too often fall through the cracks.

Program Basics (data from HMIS)

  • 133 nights of shelter, hot meals, and simple breakfasts provided (November 19, 2012 to March 31, 2013)
  • An average of 89 guests sheltered nightly
  • 536 unduplicated guests served
  • Average length of stay: 24 days
  • Median length of stay: 10 days

Guest Demographics and Subpopulation Characteristics (data from HMIS)

  • Gender: The majority of Winter Sanctuary guests are male. Male 63%, Female 37%, less than 1%Transgendered (n=1)
  • Age: 70% ofWinter Sanctuary guests are between the ages of 25 and 54. Less than 10% of guests are Transition AgeYouth age 18-24 or Seniors 62 and older, 7% and 5% respectively.

Louis Schuette $105.00
Kevin W Ford
Hey James, What a great way to raise the funds for such a worthy cause. My wife and I used to enjoy Capital Christian Center and Pastor Cole's teachings and sermons many years ago until we found a smaller home church blocks from our home. I had no idea this ministry to the homeless during the winter months was something he and CCC had going. Glad to help the cause to continue the ministry.
Alicia Atkinson
Vicky and Mike Visconti
Hello to you all the way from Houston, Texas James. I'm proud of what you are doing to help so we're helping you. Keep up your quest for the truth and the light. You're on the right path.
Natalie Brumley
So very touched at what you have been called to do.. This is an amazing cause!
Andrea Willey
Thanks for caring!
Jessica Couch $250.00
Terri Cannel-Dude
Very nice thing your doing James!
Staci Gallardo
Great Job!! I have socks, blankets, etc... I can donate for the cold winter months. My food business is always donating to to the food banks, does your church have one and will they pick up?
Colleen Sinkey
Thank you James for your willingness and example.
Paula $25.00
Skip Rosenbloom $100.00
Nancy Lee Andersen
Great job, James.
Dan McNeil
This is for you James and all you do for Fusion Real Estate Network. Love Ya, Dan
Mike and Deb Haag $100.00
Jennifer Teie
You Rock James Becker!
Joe Pierucci
James - Your compassion for others and the examples you set for your son are both heart warming and impressive. As a fellow dad trying to be the best possible role model for my own kids, I hold your efforts in high regard. Best Wishes.... Joe Pierucci
Erdy Mapa
Susan Potter Weiss
Not going to be 'on the streets' on my watch!
Joe LoParo
God bless
Carole Becker $100.00
val hutton
Great job James.
Anna and David Sobon $50.00
Kathie Grill $100.00
Linda Tyler
Wonderful cause!
Lisa Nunez
Good Luck James! You're doing a great thing for a lot of people.
Ashley Mitchell $100.00
Jamie Corcoran $100.00
Hollie Felts-Howell
Tracy Dearman
James, you are an inspiration! You are almost there my friend!!
Edgar Sanchez
James, it's not much but I think what you are doing is awesome! God Bless you buddy!
Mari garcia
You're amazing!! Always willing to help out ;)
Talia and Asher Krausse
Donnie--Your dad is helping a great cause.
Pat DeWees
We are all aware there are needs in our surrounding communities, but it sometimes takes one of us to bring it to the attention of many. I am thankful for those people and am excited to participate in this cause.
Diana Shepherd
good luck
Elissa Ide
Very inspiring!
Marilyn Schumacher
Pushing you all the way to keep you off the streets!
Terri Dace
Sending you prayers that you reach your goal!
God Bless you for helping those in need. thank you!
Abby Syed
Thank you James for giving me a chance to help the homeless. I hope you will raise the money. Abby
Tsai Family
Such a great leader! #makefriendsservepeople
Kristofer Chun
Good work. Just don't want to see you sleeping on the streets in a suit.
TR Bergen
Thank You James for leading to help others. I am sure you have already been tremendously blessed for doing this, and that that isn't why you are doing it, but may you be richly blessed for what you are doing, and your willingness to allow yourself to be very uncomfortable, to help people you don't even know! You are a great inspiration to me!
I know the many people will be blessed by this... thank you! I am sharing your story!
Stacey, Sydney and Jaxon Larson
Proud of you! Funny you didn't want to go to Church on Saturday.
Gavin Bree $100.00
Donna Burnett & Rick Stalker
Thanks for getting word out. I will pass your message forward.
Rico Rivera
I'm bless to be able to support you!
Tony Ramos $250.00
Joe and Marguerite Crespillo $250.00
Joanne D. Becker
Love You, Mom!!
Helen and Don Whitelaw
James Becker $1,000.00
Rick Cole $177,557.62
Rick Cole $177,557.62
James Becker $10,000.00
David Bry $125.00
Rebekah Selvey $756.76

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