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I've recently begun working as Director of External Affairs for Sacramento Steps Forward, which manages the federal funds distributed by the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to Sacramento County, and works w/ the City, County, SHRA, and local businesses and faith leaders to resolve homelessness in our region once and for all.

Drawn to the position because of the return of Ryan Loofbourrow to Sacramento as the organization's new Exec. Dir., I'll be raising money for SSF's non HUD-funded efforts, managing our communications & external presence, and facilitating good government relations.

First up, we're raising funds for the Winter Sanctuary - a partnership between SSF and the region's churches that will help us shelter the many homeless individuals who cannot get into our crowded shelters during the winter months. SSF Board chair, Capital Christian Center Pastor Rick Cole, is challenging our community to ensure that these people are sheltered, fed, and given access to services they need to regain self-sufficiency by living on the streets until his goal is reached. You may have read something about this in the  Bee:

I'm embarking on a fundraising goal of my own. I hope to raise 1% of the total $300,000 goal ($3,000) by the end of October. The shelter program begins on Monday, November 24 and continues through March 31, 2014. It costs $11 per person, per day, to provide this extremely cost-effective, extremely essential program to those less fortunate in our community. Help me reach my goal and help SSF achieve its mission of reducing and ending homelessness in Sacramento. Donate today at

Thank you for stepping up to help our most vulnerable residents.
Zack Olmstead $100.00
Elizabeth Marchant
Great work on such a worthy cause Maya. Thanks for your work to help the more vulnerable citizens in our community. Regards, Elizabeth (steve silber's friend)
Gretchen S
Thank you for helping people in need in our city!
Katie McCleary
Great work!
Allison Joe $48.00
John Lewis $50.00
Nancy Bui-Thompson
Thank you for raising money for such a great cause!
Derek Byrne
Best of luck, Maya. You're doing amazing work. I wish I was in a position to give more.
You are selfless and inspiring! Great work, Maya!
MRW $100.00
$128 for 128 days! I fully support what you all are striving for with Winter Sanctuary and #zero2016 in general. Holistic approaches to creating healthy communities for EVERYONE is what it's all about. Best of luck with the rest of your fundraising!
Kelly Conroy
Converge CRT $30.00
Ali Youssefi
Kachet - The Lipstick Giraffe
Lisa Murphy
Keep up the great work Maya!
Teresa Chan
Maya, thank you for raising awareness and taking on this good and noble cause.
Catie Murphy Turner $40.00
H. C. Sweeney
Laua Kerr
Such a great cause. Thank you!
Kevin and Ellen Wehr $30.00
Amy R Lapin
Keep doing the good work, Maya!! xoxo
Sue Teranishi $30.00
Consuelo Hernandez
Laura Braden
Get it girl - happy to help the cause!
Tre Borden
Keep up the good work!
Curtis Campbell
Good luck with this worthwhile project!
Steven Andersen
May your work have a positive impact on many individuals...
Thanks for fighting the good fight Maya and being an incredible leader of this community.
Stacy Gillepie
Brava! :)
Steve Pappas $25.00
Diane Luther
Keep on keeping on...
Devin & Fiona Lavelle
It's a great cause and Maya very much rocks!
Steve Hansen
Go get it!
Mary McCune $20.00
Kat DeBurgh $85.70
Tiffany Boyland
Go get 'em!!
Elizabeth Campbell $25.00
Kelly Rivas
Get get get it girrrrrl!
Amber Collins
Bravo, Maya! Good luck.
Ellen McCormick $50.00
Chris Morfas
Maya, congratulations on this new, exciting position! I am happy to support this important cause.
Jill Allyn Stafford
Let's do this!!

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