Winter Sanctuary 2014

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This page was created in support of Winter Sanctuary 2014 - Click here to join this cause

Sacramento Steps Forward's staff are a small but mighty band of hardworking folks that work tirelessly on behalf of Sacramento County's network of homelessness service providers, advocates, and those in need. Winter Sanctuary is a critical element of our efforts to reduce and end homelessness in Sacramento County, and essential to helping ensure that homeless individuals are able to stay safe and dry during the winter, access resources and services, and help to regain self-sufficiency. 

Without the support of Sacramento's congregations, these individuals would have no shelter of last resort. Help us ensure that our 700-800 unsheltered homeless are cared for this winter by donating today. Because participating congregations volunteer their space, time, and other resources, the major cost of this program is transportation. For just $11 per person, per day, we can provide shelter, a hot meal and a safe place to sleep. 

Winter Sanctuary is the only winter shelter option for single, homeless adults. The goal of this privately funded program is to help these individuals, who all too often fall through the cracks.

Cowtown Eats/Queen of Dating $128.00
Lyn Distel
So proud of you Michele for your continued commitment to help provide food and shelter for the homeless in Sacramento.
The Herevia Family $11.00
Desli Beckman $110.00

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